Race Report: IRONMAN 70.3 Western Massachusetts (Run)

Always my weakest leg, the run has been a challenge at best and misery at worst. I knew my only chance for success this time was to be extremely smart, which is partly why my expectations remained low. It’s very easy to plan to race smart, but another thing to actually do it. Today, though, […]

Race Report: IRONMAN 70.3 Western Massachusetts (Bike)

It’s extraordinarily difficult to race without expectations. The best I’ve found is something close to converting expectations to hypotheticals — what if? The trick is finding the right questions and asking them of yourself in a way that motivates you, rather than setting up a case for failure. It wasn’t a day to push big […]

Race Report: IRONMAN 70.3 Western Massachusetts (Swim)

It starts with a 1.2 mile walk among thousands, on what we all hope will be our slowest slog of the day. No one mentions the signs warning of sewage dumping when it’s been rainy. It’s a downriver swim in New England; we know to be grateful for what we’ve got. With the start corral […]

Race Report: Elmore Triathlon

Donna Smyers’ Elmore Triathlon Series is a hidden gem; there’s really no other way to describe it. Okay, “deceptively tough” might also fit the bill. Billed as a “practice triathlon,” its unassuming, low-key nature makes it a great first race for beginners. It’s timed manually. The swim is shallow and short. Course officiating is by […]

Race Report: World Triathlon Championships (Bike)

From city streets to country roads, roundabouts to freeways, through farmland, urban sprawl and rolling hill country, Ibiza left almost nothing wanting. Although the elevation gain was notable as far as triathlons generally go, it was the heat I knew could be my undoing. I’ll gladly climb all day; heat me up and I get […]

Race Report: World Triathlon Championships (Swim)

In Spain I made friends with the sea. Faced with 3 kilometers of salty blue expanse and an island to circumnavigate, I had little choice but to conciliate. Months of ruminations, weeks of mental work and days of close observation of conditions did the job of finding a way forward. At the blast of the […]

Race Report: TOUGHMAN USAT Long Course National Championships (2022)

One thing is for certain, @toughmantri lives up to its name. I don’t know of a harder 70.3. It’s the hardest race I’ve ever done, and this year was next level hard. We started with a weird 2-mile run, which was hard to know what to do with. I went with the flow and tried to pretend […]

Race Report: Colchester Triathlon

Colchester is where I got my start in triathlon, in 2018. I made lots of mistakes. I wore gloves, socks, a mirror; I had never raced in open water before, I got a pinch flat and running the 3 miles in less than 30 minutes was an accomplishment. I was hooked.I planned to return in […]

Race Report: Leaf Peepers Half Marathon

The 2021 Leaf Peepers Half Marathon came just a week after my 70.3, so I had very few expectations and didn’t really know what would happen. Great circumstances for my mental state, if nothing else. This race is always fun, and I was fully prepared to have it.The hardest part of any half, I find, is […]

IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells – La Quinta – Race Recap

* A video version of this race recap can be found on my YouTube channel here. A triathlon is a game of contradiction. You spend hours, weeks, months training for something that lasts moments of your life. Improve at one sport by mastering three. Train slower to race faster. Race slower to race faster. Do […]

Musselman 70.3 – Race Report

My first 70.3 race was a life experience that feels almost too complex to sum up in mere words. I’ve been trying to find my way to describing all of the different things it was for over two months now, and I haven’t gotten very far. I’m not sure is something that put into words […]

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