I went for a trip to Canada about a month ago, and brought my bike along so I wouldn’t miss any training days. I told… Read More »Crash

Easy run

Today I went out for an easy run. It was on the schedule as an easy chill run anyway, but I took it extra slow,… Read More »Easy run

Initial Thoughts on Kona

Initial Thoughts on Kona honesty, openness, self-reflection, humility, humanity.  these are the reasons Sanders is an athlete worth watching.  2019 gonna be epic.


Early in this year of training, I hurt my calf. Just running along, then all of a sudden whoops, my calf is busted. It was… Read More »Injuries

Kona Drinking Game

Take a swig of Gatorade Endurance every time: Michael Lovato says “Yeah, absolutely” Greg Welch calls the women “ladies,” “precious” or “lovely” Nutrition is called the 4th discipline The… Read More »Kona Drinking Game