Can’t exactly call it FOMO when you opt out. Not sure what this feeling is. But Team USA is competing at the World Triathlon Championships in Slovakia this weekend, right alongside the Collins Cup. What an amazing opportunity to both represent your country and also be up close watching the greatest pro triathletes in the world!
After qualifying at @toughmantri last year, I was all in and ready to be part of the team. Ordered my parade of nations uniform, my team kit, and started looking at logistics for Vienna once the location was finally announced.
Then a whole bunch of life happened. Russia invaded Ukraine (right next door), flights skyrocketed, and my own life became a bit of a roller coaster for a myriad of reasons.
It just didn’t make sense to go. It was a hard decision, but I’m confident I made the right one.
My focus now is on September when I will try to qualify again, this time for Spain in 2023. Mostly, though, I want to remember that I stayed true to my priorities and that is what will get me through. If I can keep that up, the races will sort themselves out.

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