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Running the garbage out

I have no data or elevation to show for this run, because my Fitbit Ionic failed in the middle of the run.  Just straight up noped out on me.

It was about par for the course on the day.

Consistent exercise has done a lot of good for my state of mind. As someone who has clinical depression, I’ve always known that exercise is a benefit for people like me.  Literally anyone who has ever had an interest in my well-being has heckled me about it. Particularly my mother.  And I’ve always known they aren’t wrong.  Doing anything about it is always a different story, though.

Still, some days are more than the benefits of exercise (and medication) can surmount.  At the end of the day, neither fixes the problem.

A good run in the woods never hurts, though.  I get some of the garbage out, and the problem sometimes seems a little smaller.

As I ran past a river, half-lost and in grass and weeds up to my thighs, I spotted a doe.  She stared at me as I ran by, silent and wary, unmoving.  I watched her as she watched me, until neither of us could turn our heads any further.  

Then I ran on.

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