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Recovery week

The second triathlon I had signed up for after my first was only two weeks away.  It wasn’t originally supposed to work out this way; I had planned on doing one that was three weeks after the first. But that one got canceled (with an oddly passive-aggressive email from the organizer), so I went to my second choice for my second triathlon, which was scheduled one week sooner.

My plan for bridging the two-week gap between the two events was to do one week of moderate workouts, followed by a week of light workouts.  I guess the idea being that I would maintain one week and do sort of a taper the next.  I wasn’t particularly worried about it, since I had proven to myself that completion shouldn’t be a problem.

I did a couple of mountain bike rides, one of them with a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time, at a place that was new to me for riding.  I also did two swims, about 20 minutes each, and a short run.  I capped the first week off with a brick, which I was able to do as a scouting run for the third triathlon I had scheduled (more on that later).

Overall I felt pretty good.  Recovery didn’t seem to take too long, which didn’t surprise me.  I had gone hard at my first tri, but in the end it was only about 1.5 hours long, so a couple of days at most to get back to feeling normal seemed about right.

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