Montpelier Movement Collective

Project Profile:



The Montpelier Movement Collective will perform a piece in early 2013 which will feature video projection sequences.  We shot the dance troupe performing their routines, choreographed by Willow Wonder, in the Northfield quarry.  This footage will be edited and incorporated into the dance performance.

About the MMC:

Dancers and choreographers working locally to expand the awareness of dance in our community. We call upon our joint experiences in modern dance, ballet and improvisation to explore a collaborative approach to creating and presenting dance.


Co-Director, Camera Operator


Eric Clifford, Intrinsic Films



  1. Colleen says:

    Greetings my name is Colleen, I am an improvisation
    Dancer, and I am new to the area. I would love to learn more about the Mont Pelier Movement Collective. I would love to hear from you thank you so much!


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